Lakeside Pediatrics

At Lakeside Pediatrics, we work seamlessly and strategically to assess not only the commercial project at hand but to ensure that it aligns with our client’s brand as well. With this approach, we were able to deliver an atmosphere that would nurture families through a light- hearted and vibrant experience with the Lakeside Pediatrics project in the city of Burbank.

Within the 2,200-square-foot space, we showcased Lakeside Pediatrics' aesthetic in a colorful yet warming manner. Despite the biggest challenge pointing to supply chain issues, our team was able to overcome that once the necessary materials came in and the finished design came out as planned. Upon any unexpected contingencies, our team collaborates on finding the best solution.

Our founder and CEO, David Jalaty, expresses the delight the final project brought the nurses, “Knowing their little patients are going to enjoy the new look” given the innovation and friendly environment created. We value delivering long-lasting upgrades and an on-brand atmosphere for our clients!



191 S Buena Vista St #240
Burbank, CA

Who We Worked With

Client: Jason Simily
Owner: Regal Medical Group
Project Manager: David Jalaty
Architect: Fisher Architects, Inc

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