Get to Know the Alpha-Omega Team 

We are a talented and dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering the best results for our clients.


David Jalaty

As President of Alpha Omega Contractors, David started this company to bring clients a comprehensive process from start to finish, Alpha to Omega. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, David understands his client’s needs to have a general contractor as a trade partner. He especially enjoys working with tenants and property owners to provide them with pre-construction costs and scheduling analysis. This analysis helps the client reach their goals.
Vice President

Josh Kreutzen

Over the past two decades, Josh has accumulated an extensive amount of construction management experience in the commercial and residential markets. As Vice President & Co-owner of Alpha Omega Contractors, Josh maintains a high-touch presence with the client throughout each project. His high-touch approach is a key component in the values that he instills in the Alpha Omega brand.

Andrew Ayala

Andrew is passionate about computing and software which helps the team stay organized on complex projects. His background as an electrician, with over a decade of experience in a highly technical trade, gives him the ability to handle complex problems. He also has a knack for managing large groups and showcases his leadership by supporting the team and ensuring each project is completed in a timely manner
General Superintendent

Thomas Brugger

Construction runs in Thomas’s family and he was drawn to become part of a team that values family culture and promotes growth within the construction industry. His keen attention to detail makes him successful in running field operations for AO Contractors. Thomas has been with the company since 2014 and has worked his way up from Superintendent to General Superintendent. During this time he has been involved in over 200 tenant improvement projects.

Colby Schrader

Working on a variety of projects and having new experiences is what initially drew Colby to the AO Contractors team. Now, he shares his expertise in communication, building, and construction when working with homeowners on residential projects.
Assistant Superintendent

Jason Thompson

Jason’s expertise in detail and organization makes him a great teammate to turn to when a new task arises. He enjoys working with our goal-oriented team and finds value in the work that we do in commercial construction. When he was working as a subcontractor, he was able to understand and execute the high quality that we ask for from our team members.

Keri Anne Steele

When she’s not working on job costing, P&L’s, and helping set the financial course of the company, Kerri Anne loves bringing her 20 years of industry experience to bear on new challenges to improve current processes and tasks. Her favorite thing about the team at AO is that everyone is open, approachable, and open to new ideas.
Project Engineer

Tina Almazan

When Tina first joined our team, she started on an office suite renovation as a project coordinator. Her expertise in organization, time management, and attention to detail skyrocketed her career to her current project engineer title. Tina values that at AO Contractors, we encourage our employees to learn, grow, and innovate themselves within the company.

Jason Garcia

“Growing up in the construction Industry Learning Both Commercial and residential I've mastered turning dreams I to reality. Success is best when its shared.”
Superintendant Assistant

Irlei Ramirez

"The 3 months that I have been with Alpha Omega Contractors has been life changing. Coming from a background of 6 years retail management, the construction industry was all new to me. But, Alpha Omega Contractors made it easy for me to make that adjustment. They treat this company as a family, they are here to assist in whatever form they can to try and make every job we have go as smoothly as possible. David took a chance on me, coming into this not knowing anything to 3 months later coming up on closing my first job. I have finally found a career I want to pursue thanks to David and the rest of the Alpha Omega team."
Project Engineer

Gaby Mariscal

"One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was choosing to follow a career path in the construction industry, especially working with the amazing people at AO Contractors. There is always something new to learn, amazing new people to meet, and you get to see first hand how your projects turn out from beginning to end. It’s definitely a rewarding and motivating experience."

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