Dental Office by Alpha Omega Contractors, we help with: New Construction, Renovations, and Expansions

Getting Started

The design and construction of your dental office is an opportunity to showcase your personal brand to the local community. A well-designed dental office can allow for increased profitability and improved operations. A well-constructed dental office also highlights the quality of care and service your clients can expect to receive from you and your practice.


A modern dental office further separates your practice from the competition.

Identifying Your Project Team

It takes a team of professionals to bring the dream of a new dental office to reality.  Alpha Omega Contractors has established a network of industry professionals committed specifically to dental practices.

Whether you are acquiring an existing practice, expanding an existing office, or building a new business; there are several professional groups you will need along the way. If you have already identified these team members for your project, then great! We would like to meet them. If not, please begin seeking these professional trades to move your project along quickly.

General Contractor

The General Contractor (GC) is tasked with providing construction cost estimates, collaborating with the doctor, design, and brokerage teams to finalize project costs and negotiate real estate terms. The GC manages both the construction buildout and project schedule, emphasizing early selection to enhance their contribution to overall project diligence.

Architect/Design Team

A skilled architect aligns the Doctor's needs with site evaluation, infrastructure, and building codes. They assist in interior finish selection and create construction drawings for pricing and permits. Collaborating closely with the General Contractor as an initial trade partner, they ensure essential coordination with the Dental Equipment Vendor.

Real Estate Broker

Securing the ideal Dental Office involves navigating complex lease or purchase negotiations, emphasizing the importance of expert representation. Collaborating with a Dental Office specialist streamlines the process, saving both time and money. Effective communication between the Real Estate Broker and General Contractor ensures transparent construction costs for lender or landlord negotiations.


Building a strong banking relationship is crucial for dental practice success, especially during office openings or major renovations. Specialized dental lenders provide tailored financial products and favorable terms. Consult Alpha Omega Contractors for their recommended lenders, initiate pre-qualification, and establish a vital relationship with a dental lender for a successful project.

Dental Equipment Provider

Early selection of a dental equipment vendor is crucial for aligning operational goals with design and cost considerations. Collaborating with the General Contractor and Architect ensures smooth equipment selection, prioritizing the doctor's goals and budget. If a vendor is not chosen, seek referrals from the General Contractor or architect.

Information Technology (IT) and Software

Modern Dental Offices rely on technology and software for top-notch services. Integrating them into the office environment, with careful construction planning, yields optimal results. Alpha Omega Contractors offer Software and Technology trade options, often accessible through local dental associations, ensuring comprehensive solutions for your practice.

Selecting Your General Contractor

Decades of Experience: Alpha Omega Contractors has more than a decade of experience constructing dental office space for customers just like you. Our construction knowledge is paired with the latest in construction management technology.

Dedicated Team of Professionals: By selecting Alpha Omega Contractors as your project’s GC, you will have a dedicated team of professionals working with you from pre-construction talks until you reach completion at the final punch walk. 

Latest Support Software: You will benefit from the industry’s latest Project Support Software like Procore and Bluebeam during the construction of your Dental Office.

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