Hammer Creative

The Alpha Omega team worked strategically to assess the ins and outs of each client's business brand, culture, and desires for their commercial buildings. We value delivering long-lasting upgrades that not only appeal to the public but also provide a distinctive atmosphere for our clients to best expose their brand.

Right in the heart of North Hollywood’s creative hub, our client, Hammer Creative, was looking for their new commercial building to represent its unique business to prospects and clients that visit the office. Hammer Creative is a creative agency and production studio, so we wanted to showcase their artistic innovation and impress their visitors as soon as they walk through the door.

Our craftsmen delivered a unique aesthetic, especially in the multiplayer room (MPR) with a raised platform for players, a massive screen, and a viewing area behind the raised platform. The room’s features allow Hammer Creative's visitors to experience groundbreaking technology as the team demonstrates video games on an impeccable screen.



4130 Cahuenga Boulevard, Suite 100
North Hollywood, CA

Who We Worked With

Client: Tiarna Real Estate Services:
Owner: 4130 Cahuenga Propert,LLC
c/o Tiarna Real Estate Services
Project Manager: David Jalaty
Architect: Wolcott Architecture

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“The more time I spend in construction the more I realize Forrest Gump was right. Life really is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are gunna get"

Tomas Ramos Lead Estimator

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“Growing up in the construction Industry Learning Both Commercial and residential I've mastered turning dreams I to reality. Success is best when its shared"

Jason Thompson Superintendant

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“The 3 months that I have been with Alpha Omega Contractors has been life changing. Coming from a background of 6 years retail management, the construction industry was all new to me. But, Alpha Omega Contractors made it easy for me to make that adjustment. They treat this company as a family, they are here to assist in whatever form they can to try and make every job we have go as smoothly as possible. David took a chance on me, coming into this not knowing anything to 3 months later coming up on closing my first job. I have finally found a career I want to pursue thanks to David and the rest of the Alpha Omega team."

Irlei Ramirez Superintendant Assistant

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“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was choosing to follow a career path in the construction industry, especially working with the amazing people at AO Contractors. There is always something new to learn, amazing new people to meet, and you get to see first hand how your projects turn out from beginning to end. It’s definitely a rewarding and motivating experience."

Gaby Mariscal Estimator

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