7th Floor Common Area Upgrades

Alpha Omega Contractors was contracted by the building landlord to provide capital improvements to the 7th floor common areas at 35 NOLA in Pasadena.

By combining the 7th floor elevator lobby, corridors and bathrooms upgrades simultaneously into one project, the result showcased a completely refreshed floor for all of the tenants to enjoy.

With new tenants occupying the 7th floor along with the upgraded common areas we expect any unoccupied suites to lease quickly in this beautiful Pasadena Class A Office Tower.


35 North Lake Avenue, 7th Floor
Pasadena, CA 91101

Who We Worked With

Property Manager: Swift Real Estate Partners
Client: Swift Real Estate Partners
Architect: SAA
Project Manager: Tina Almazan
Superintendent: Andy Arismendez

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