Top Design Trends in Medical Construction

Similar to an office space, medical and healthcare facilities should be inviting for guests and employees. In addition, they have to be functional in terms of facilitating equipment, employees, and patients. 

As we shift out of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is seeing a change in how they operate. Many medical practices are interested in revamping their existing facilities or relocating to new offices where the design reflects current medical environment trends. We’ve collected a few trends in medical construction to consider when revamping your space to accommodate a medical office. 

Revamping Multi-Use Spaces

A medical office should be a space where patients and their families feel safe and prepared to address their health. While the primary purpose of the lobby may be for waiting, the truth is that it introduces visitors to the healthcare practice’s culture. Creating a safe and pleasant environment is key, as is opening up the space for privacy and social distancing.  When it comes to filling this space, it’s helpful to think about incorporating groups of safely distant chairs and sofas equipped with USB outlets. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Integrating landscape architecture with indoor design has proved to be a calming effect for many industries, and this is especially true in healthcare settings. Studies have shown that healthcare patients in particular have had substantial wellness benefits when exposed to natural elements. When revamping your space, determine how you can incorporate gardens, windows, sunlight, and nature. By utilizing these aspects, you can help create a Zen environment and experience for patients and employees alike. 

Keep Up with Digital Innovation

A top medical construction design trend we have seen emerge from 2021 is the importance of technology, especially in the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities must be equipped to accommodate telemedicine all while incorporating it into their design. To prep for addressing technology needs, plan for connected devices, provide plenty of outlets, and make sure that your wall space has plenty of room for tv equipment.  

Incorporate Wellness into Your Medical Construction Design

Another top trend in healthcare right now is incorporating elements into the design of the space that foster wellness. Artwork is a great way to liven up space and can awake the senses of patients while distinguishing the desired look and feel. 

When preparing the space, you could also incorporate local materials into the building and think about how the services and accessibility of the office will impact patients and healthcare providers.

At AO Contractors, we take the time to gain a solid understanding of your industry to create an environment that promotes both health and safety. Are you looking to revamp your medical office? Our team is here to help. We invite you to get in touch today.

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