Top 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Office Renovation

save_money_office_renovationWith so many options for your office renovation, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and accumulate a list of items that could easily take a small fortune to execute. When it comes to renovating an office space—especially one that is primarily a commercial property investment—budget is key. Deciding on a renovation that adds value for your current or future tenants, while keeping you profitable in the long run, is more attainable than you may think. The following five tips should get you started.

Plan Ahead

We all know the saying, “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.” This maxim is perhaps more true when planning your office renovation than it is for anything else. Once you’ve decided to remodel or update your commercial investment space, begin coordinating with a professional team to nail down the specifics of your project. Once they know your vision, your contractor and architect will be able to work together to fully coordinate your project in a way that executes your vision within your budget. Allocating adequate time to define a solid plan will help avoid unexpected delays and give your team time to come up with creative solutions to project challenges that may accumulate extra costs if left to the last minute to solve. 

Identify What Still Works

Especially if you’re dealing with a space that hasn’t been updated in a number of years, you may be tempted to think that you should scrap it all and start from scratch. In reality, many of the features in your space can probably use minimal adjusting to feel brand new. Think twice before tossing out office furniture, conference room equipment, and old fixtures like doors, door handles, and lights. Small tweaks to your space can make it feel brand new even if it’s still secretly featuring furniture or fixtures from years ago. Your design team and contractor can advise on how you can give new life to perfectly good older pieces to make the whole space work together and still feel fresh.

Add a Pop of Color

Don’t underestimate the power of adding a fresh and vibrant color to your space’s palette. Finding easy ways to incorporate a new infusion of color with lively furniture, accent walls, or artwork can give new life to your space without breaking the bank.

Consider State Laws

California has many building regulations designed to promote energy efficiency as buildings are updated and renovated, but these regulations don’t always take into account what’s best for the building owner and the office space. Consult with your contractor about what implications your planned updates may have for triggering additional mandatory upgrades and changes. Planning around these contingencies if it’s appropriate for your unique situation can save you a bundle in the long run. 

Hire a Professional

The best way to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck is to hire a professional. An experienced commercial contractor can help you plan appropriately for your vision and your budget. They can also help you foresee and avoid costly project pitfalls.

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  • Great tip about how different movements are pushing for energy efficient buildings. I need to get a contractor to renovate my office. I want to expand it by 10 feet.

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