Top 5 Office Renovation Tips for Attracting Ideal Tenants

office_spaceSome office buildings struggle to fill vacancies, while others seem to have a constant stream of tenants vying for space within their walls. What divides the not-so-popular spaces from the hot commodities? It’s no big secret: some office features and fixtures are simply more valuable to potential tenants than others. Outside of building location, the features that you are able to offer your office tenants can make all the difference in the perceived value of your commercial office space. 

When considering updating your commercial building to increase value or attract more ideal tenants, there are a few specific concepts you should keep in mind to make sure your space is always sought after.

Know Your Target Business

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a commercial building owner is to try to appeal to everyone. To really impress and captivate your ideal tenants, make sure that the commercial building improvements you make are in line with what tenants are looking for. If you’re hoping to attract creative agencies or startups, for example, an open workspace, large windows, and updated common areas and kitchen spaces may be where you should focus your attention. For doctor’s offices or law firms, a more traditional layout with more private office spaces should guide your commercial improvements.

Keep Things Light

Regardless of your ideal tenant’s business, professionals from every sector can agree: no one enjoys working in a cave-like environment. Numerous studies have shown that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity. Make sure your renovation capitalizes on available natural light by opening or adding space for windows and/or skylights. Lighting that mimics natural light is also an option for office spaces where light isn’t abundant.

Choose Cool, Neutral Colors

While adding pops of color is a highly effective tactic for refreshing a commercial office space with minimal investment or disruption, a vivid color palette isn’t for everyone. If attracting tenants is your aim, stick to cool neutral tones that are likely to keep the space feeling bright, inviting, and full of possibilities.

Upgrade the Kitchen

A kitchen may not traditionally top a list of essential office features, but this element is of increasing importance for modern offices. For many workplaces, the kitchen serves as a central hub for relaxing and team building. An updated kitchen can set your office space far apart from other options your commercial tenants might be considering. 

Make Sure Your Bathrooms are Up to Snuff

Don’t underestimate the power of your bathroom facilities. Even if the rest of the space is a homerun, an outdated or unclean bathroom could be a huge turn-off to potential tenants. Make sure this essential space is updated and sparkling clean.

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