Three Commercial Lobby Features that Attract Tenants

Lobbies are an important part of a commercial space. They play a vital role in welcoming and inviting in both tenants and visitors, and as we all know, first impressions are everything. 

Today’s commercial lobbies have seen quite a transformation over the past few years. They have become important destinations and spaces for people to gather and enjoy, contrary to the “pass-through” role they had taken on in previous designs. 

Let’s explore some of the latest trends in design for commercial lobbies, including features that will help you attract and retain future tenants. 

Create a Flexible Space

While they were originally created to welcome guests, lobby spaces have grown to be an extension of a tenants’ workspace. When it’s time for an update, it’s important to think about this factor and make the space flexible to accommodate tenants and their daily habits. Successful lobby designs should include a variety of distinct places for people to work, relax, and socialize. Creating a commercial lobby that strategically leans on flexibility is crucial and will also add value to the design for your tenants. 

Lean Towards Timeless Finishes 

A recent popular design element in commercial lobby renovation leans towards incorporating timeless finishes into the remodel. Sticking to a neutral palette that is inspired by nature hues can help complement shifts in style and also create long-term value and flexibility for future tenants. If you are drawn to incorporating bold statements, work to have them displayed in furniture, artwork, or unique accent pieces to bring life to space. 

Bring on the Hospitality

Designing your lobby as a space that offers amenities such as cafes or even concierge services invites tenants and visitors to stay and experience the building. Depending on how you want your building to operate, a traditional reception desk may not even be needed, allowing you more square footage to play with and enhancing the user experience and flexibility of the space. Music, soft lighting, artwork, and fireplaces, are all great ways to differentiate the area from more traditional workspaces, while still providing an area that tenants can utilize and enjoy. 

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