The Biggest Home Remodel Myths

home_remodel_mythsMany of us enjoy watching home remodels and redesigns on social media or television; HGTV and the like have transformed home redesigns into an entertaining and sometimes jaw-dropping experience. It’s exciting to see such strong love for remodels, but unfortunately, it can lead to misconceptions about what the home remodel process is actually like. If you’re looking to undergo your first home makeover, here are a few of the biggest home remodel myths to bust before you start.

Myth 1: DIY Saves Money

Sure, buckling down and trying to complete a project yourself can sound fun and save you money on hiring a professional, but in many cases trying to remodel in DIY-mode can end up costing more. DIY projects can be costly if you’re making mistakes, and poor execution often leads to damages and shorter lifespans that cost you more down the line. Additionally, there is a major time cost for DIY projects – you can easily spend hours of your nights and weekends working on a project that a professional could finish in a much shorter amount of time. Especially for big remodeling projects, hiring a professional can save you money down the road and ensure that everything runs smoothly the first time around. 

Myth 2: Going Green Is Expensive

The biggest misconception with environmentally-friendly home projects is that they have to break the bank. While there are some high-tech green gadgets that run at expensive prices, making changes to decrease the carbon footprint of your home can actually be more affordable compared to less-green alternatives, especially in the long run. For example, installing solar panels on your home is relatively inexpensive compared to the money you can save on your energy bill each month for years to come. Small changes can help improve your home’s environmental friendliness without much strain on your wallet. One of our specializations is LEED-certifications, so going green with AO is simple and guaranteed-compliant. 

Myth 3: Cheap Materials Are Okay

Oftentimes, poor budgeting or unrealistic pricing expectations can cause home remodelers to want to cut corners towards the end of the project. While in some cases opting for less expensive materials is okay, there are many circumstances where choosing the more affordable option may come back to bite you in the future. For example, opting for the less expensive sink faucets can actually lead to more repairs down the line, and they will need to be replaced much sooner than a higher quality option. Do your research to ensure you’re accurately spending where you need to and saving where you can.

Myth 4: You Can Do It Fast 

Social media and television have convinced many homeowners that a remodel can be fast and easy, with a big beautiful reveal at the end to tie everything together. In reality, home remodels and redesigns typically take weeks or months to complete, and homeowners should plan to have the project take longer than initially estimated. In fact, large remodels that are done too quickly may have cut corners to complete in time, and can actually pose safety and functionality issues down the line. Set expectations early with the people that live with you, and communicate regularly with your contractor and construction team to ensure everyone is on the same page about the timeline. 

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