Retail Renovations in a Post-COVID World

retail renovations

The pandemic’s effect on retail spaces has been extensive, to say the least. Business owners and their customers have scrambled to keep up with ever-changing health mandates. In the worst cases, these changing policies have threatened businesses’ livelihoods, while in the best cases, they’ve forced retail owners to find new and inventive ways of conducting business.

Despite a year of unprecedented change, customers still value in-person shopping. This means that your commercial storefront is still a huge opportunity to solidify your company’s identity and maximize your ROI, all while creating a safe space that attracts new customers and keeps your current ones wanting to come back. In 2021, achieving that goal may take a little bit of innovation and creativity. Here at AO Contractors, we’re up to the task. Here are four ideas for retailers to consider when renovating spaces post-COVID-19.

Embrace the “New Normal”

2020 saw business owners scrambling to cobble together solutions that would put health and safety at the forefront. Temporary plastic barriers, traffic flow tape, and the closure of less spacious areas have all been common solutions. So common, in fact, that they no longer feel novel or bizarre to customers. But just because your customers have become accustomed to these workarounds doesn’t mean that they’ll provide an ideal experience long-term.

Retail renovations should take into consideration pandemic health procedures like social distancing. Incorporating safety measures into the flow and feel of your retail space can elevate customers’ experiences, creating something akin to the “old normal” that they crave in a post-pandemic world. “This could include reworking aisles, reducing clutter to create open space, and creating a one-way flow of traffic,” says Eric Hendrikx in Retail Insider.

Leverage Touchless Tech

Creating an environment in which customers feel safe extends far beyond traffic flow and creating open spaces. Capitalizing on touch-free and automated technology will be fundamental to future retail renovations. Touchless systems for bathrooms, automatic antibacterial stations, and touchless checkouts are all aspects of your retail spaces’ design that can give your space a competitive and conscientious edge.

Clean Up Your Air Flow

One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of your retail space in a post-COVID era is its airflow. Though the elements of a healthy air system aren’t flashy or immediately obvious to customers, they can go a long way to helping you maintain good health in your space. HEPA filters, appropriate air circulation, and an appropriate HVAC system all play a huge role in minimizing airborne germs. If a renovation is already in the works for your retail space, consider having your contractor look into maximizing direct clean airflow as well.

Put Your Customers First

Renovating your new space with a customer-first approach may take some innovating. That’s where AO Contractors come in. We have years of experience helping retailers like you assess their customers’ desires and needs and designing a storefront that makes the best use of the space for functionality and customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready to take a budget-friendly and innovative approach to your retail renovation in 2021, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started

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