Rebuilding the Construction Industry After COVID-19

technology in constructionWe at AO Contractors realize there’s a lot that’s been happening in the construction industry since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at rebuilding the construction industry from COVID-19. We’re recognizing some of the positive trends in the commercial construction industry that have come out of an unprecedented difficult time. We’re experiencing an increased demand for more commercial construction, including rebuilding and repurposing current commercial space, and converting and adding hybrid office space. 

Additional positives related to rebuilding the construction industry post-pandemic include more added jobs as people are going back to work, and the growing use of technology has become a big plus in the commercial construction industry as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Increasing Demand for Commercial Construction and Repurposing Space 

As the demand increases for commercial construction, so have commercial property values. One way commercial properties increase value is by redesigning or repurposing space. As employees return physically back to work, commercial buildings may require a redesign to enlarge offices or remove cubicle walls, as more workplaces embrace a more open and collaborative environment. In some instances, offices may need to be completely renovated to accommodate the post-COVID-19 workspace.

This, of course, includes the hybrid workspace, as more employees return to the office part-time but still want some of their work to be conducted remotely. To accommodate returning hybrid workers, some companies are incorporating “resimercial” design, providing a mix of the more comfortable elements associated with working from home and bringing that environment into the office space.

Wondering if commercial space needs a redesign or repurposing? Our AO Contractors team specializes in providing general contracting and construction management services for commercial properties throughout Southern California, especially in the Los Angeles area. See our recent work and portfolio of projects to learn more.

Increased Use of Technology and Proptech for Commercial Construction

There’s been a dramatic increase in the use of technology and protech (property technology) since the pandemic, illustrating industry adaptability while rebuilding the construction industry from COVID-19. Incorporating technology has proven to be a success in many ways for commercial contractors, including saving time, and money, and helping with worker safety on the job site. 

As commercial construction changes and evolves, the construction industry has the opportunity to find innovative solutions to help reimagine the American workplace. What is your company imagining? At AO Contractors, whatever your commercial construction needs are, we’re here to help.

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With over four decades of collective experience in commercial construction, Alpha Omega Contractors believes educating our clients about the rebuilding of the commercial construction industry from COVID-19 is helpful to you and your business. As your go-to commercial construction company in Southern California, our AO team helps bring your commercial projects to life with locations in both the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. 

Our experienced team of commercial contractors, designers, and design-build experts will collaborate with you from the initial stages of pre-construction through to putting the finishing touches on your next commercial project on time and within budget. For more information, contact us by filling out this form or calling us at (714) 616-0417.

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