How to Improve the Value of Your commercial Property

How to improve the value of your commercial propertyHow to Improve the Value of Your Commercial Property 

Not only are we seeing an increase in commercial property construction projects, we’re also seeing an increase in property values. Industry statistics regarding the local Southern California area show overall values of commercial real estate properties reaching an unprecedented increase of 24% last year, a remarkable new record high, according to a recent article in the Orange County Register.

With the positive trend of increasing commercial property values continuing to rise, especially in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas, AO Contractors wants to help you understand how to improve the value of your commercial property with some of the following tips.

Make Strategic Improvements to Your Commercial Property 

Making strategic improvements can help you significantly increase the value of your commercial property. Surface cosmetic improvements can add a lot aesthetically by simply adding a fresh coat of paint, making it look more up to date, clean, fresh, and visually pleasing. Strategic improvements or redesigns involve changing the appearance of a commercial property. In addition to repainting the interior, adding updated finishings and furnishings and even changing the lighting can have a positive effect and help modernize your commercial space. 

Renovations Boost Commercial Property Values

Renovations are a bigger undertaking, but it pays off by increasing your commercial property’s value. A renovation involves transforming the interior space while leaving the exterior untouched. At Alpha Omega Contractors, we’ve upgraded commercial spaces by removing the ceilings and interior walls to create an open-air environment. Removing the interior walls allow your commercial space to take on a more modern and collaborative aesthetic.

The OC & LA Areas are Ideal Locations for Commercial Property Investors and Increased Property Values

The Los Angeles and Orange County areas offer an upscale landscape and high income marketplace for investors looking to invest in the region, particularly in commercial real estate. With the thriving tech industry, financial resources, massive consumer markets, workforce, ports, the optimal weather, and the premiere location, investors find the area highly desirable. It’s the perfect time to attract investors by increasing the value of your commercial property.

Repurpose Your Commercial Property 

Another way to dramatically increase the value of your property is to consider repurposing your commercial space  – in other words, using your property for a different purpose other than what it was originally intended. An example of this would be taking a large commercial space and turning it into several commercial spaces or a mixed-use space. By transforming your current commercial space to create more revenue opportunities, it can provide long-term value and make it more profitable.  

Have AO Contractors Help Improve the Value of Your Commercial Property! Contact us today! 

With over four decades of collective experience in commercial construction, Alpha Omega Contractors is your go-to commercial construction company in Southern California to help you improve the value of your commercial property. Our AO team helps bring your commercial projects to life with locations in both the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. 

Our experienced team of commercial contractors, designers, and design-build experts will collaborate with you from the initial stages of pre-construction through to putting the finishing touches on your next commercial project on time and within budget. For more information, contact us by filling out this form or calling us at (714) 616-0417.

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