Factors to Consider When Thinking About a Retail Renovation

As retail owners know, it is important to maintain and update your store so that customers feel comfortable spending both their time and money in the space. Retail renovations can increase the number of customers, improve employee performance, and create a more efficient store layout—all of which increase your sales. 

Retail renovations ultimately are a great long-term investment, but it can be difficult for owners to take that step, especially when it comes to time and money. Here are some factors we think you should consider when planning your retail renovation

Take a Look at Your Budget and Timeline

It’s no secret that retail renovations cost both time and money. When thinking about elevating your retail space, it is important to ask yourself if you have the money and time to carry out a full-scale renovation, or if a cosmetic touch-up may be more within budget. Always remember to prioritize the things you need, instead of what you want; this will help you save money down the road. 

Cosmetic touch-ups include repainting, replacing damaged displays, replacing fixtures, and professional cleaning. A full-scale renovation, on the other hand, may include adding or removing whole structures from the store, working on electric fixtures, and partnering with a commercial renovation contractor to get the job done. 

Foot Traffic in Your Retail Space

How do your customers move throughout your store? This is an important aspect to think about when considering a renovation. Having this insight will enable you to redesign your store in a way that allows them to fully experience your best products. 

Helpful tip? Most shoppers tend to move to their right when walking into your retail space. Creating a section to display your products and services according to this action can help boost your sales. In addition, most customers need a decompression zone that allows them to look throughout your retail environment. Ensure that when they walk in, they have five to fifteen feet of clear space to take everything in. 

Set the Tone With Lighting

Lighting helps to create ambiance and sets the tone for the look and feel of your space.

Depending on your products and services you may want to create a warm or cool ambiance for your retail space. Lighting can also help illuminate products and attract customers to them. When redesigning your space, you may also want to look into smart lighting to help save energy when you are away from the store. 

Ready to elevate your space with a retail renovation? Here at AO Contractors, we transform average retail properties into memorable destinations and create high-quality shopping experiences. We invite you to get in touch with our team today to learn more. 

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