Differences Between a Redesign, Renovation, and Reconfiguration

Differences Between a Redesign, Renovation, and Reconfiguration With so much transition going on in today’s commercial construction industry, you might be wondering what you should do if you’re thinking of improving your commercial space. You’ve probably heard of the terms redesign, renovation, and reconfiguration. But, like many people, you’re wondering whether they’re the same or different, and what they mean? In this blog, Alpha Omega Contractors explains the differences between redesign, renovation, and reconfiguration to help you better understand what’s right for your next commercial project.

What’s a Commercial Space Redesign? 

A redesign project for a commercial office space involves changing the appearance or function of  a commercial or office environment. This type of upgrade has been very popular due to the considerations of a new work environment as companies are trying to figure out efficiency and what’s best for their employees, as we move forward from the pandemic. It can be used for updating furnishings and finishings to give the atmosphere a more clean and modern appearance, including repainting and changing lighting.

What’s a Commercial Space Renovation? 

Commercial renovations are best for spaces that need more significant changes than reconfiguration or redesign projects can provide. A big reason for commercial renovation in relation to office space is to enlarge offices, remove cubicle walls and office doors, and create more open and collaborative workplace environments that are more conducive to the hybrid model and today’s team-first approach. It’s a bigger undertaking since it involves transforming the interior space while leaving the exterior untouched. Since in-depth construction is often a part of the renovation process, an alternative place to work during construction might be needed. Overall, it’s the most transformative and expensive, but it also adds even more value than doing a reconfiguration or redesign.

What’s a Commercial Space Reconfiguration? 

An office reconfiguration is used to change the shape or design of your commercial space. It’s helpful for your business if you want to get the most out of your current resources by easily moving the aesthetic features. An example would be to reconfigure your office space to be more open, affording more social distancing, while reducing density and proximity of workspace issues. 

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  • Thanks so much for talking about the differences between reconfiguration and renovation. My brother bought an old office building and he wants to renovate it to fit his type of work for his company. We’ve been looking into finding a design build contractor to help him make plans for the project and start working on it.

  • Thank you for clarifying that altering the look or functionality of an office or commercial setting is a redesign project. My sister wants to update her retail location. I’ll advise her to contact a commercial contractor.

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