Differences Between a Commercial Redesign, Renovation & Reconfiguration in OC

commercial redesign, renovation & reconfiguration in OC With commercial property values continuing to rise at unprecedented rates, as a business owner, it’s important to understand the best options you have to add value to your commercial space. Alpha Omega Contractors wants to help you better understand the differences between a commercial redesign, renovation, and reconfiguration. That way you can determine what’s the best way to increase the value of your next commercial project.

Industry statistics in Southern California, particularly in Orange County and the Los Angeles area, show overall values of commercial real estate properties reaching an unprecedented increase of 24% last year, according to the Orange County Register. Alpha Omega Contractors specializes in commercial redesign, renovation or reconfiguration in OC. Now is a perfect time to capitalize on your commercial business and increase your ROI with improvements. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a Commercial Redesign?

When it comes to improving your office space, a redesign continues to be a popular trend for commercial properties in Orange County and Los Angeles. Because the use of office space has changed so much with the pandemic, a redesign is an excellent choice. A commercial redesign changes the appearance and it can be used to change the function as well. With the new hybrid work model, a redesign might be what you’re looking for.  Redesigns can quickly transform the office atmosphere to achieve a more modern and clean aesthetic just by changing lighting, repainting, and updating furnishings and finishings. 

What’s a Commercial Renovation?

As opposed to a redesign which involves minor changes to make a major difference, a commercial renovation has a much larger scope that can make even more of an impact on improving  your commercial property and increasing your ROI

A renovation involves transforming the interior space while leaving the exterior untouched. It includes removing interior walls and ceilings often to open up your space and giving it a more modern layout. It’s perfect for offices to have more room and to create a more collaborative work environment. With a commercial renovation, you most likely will have to have an alternative place to work during construction. Because renovations involve more in-depth construction. 

What’s a Commercial Reconfiguration?

If you want to change the shape, design or purpose of your commercial property, a reconfiguration might be your best choice. It’s more of a middle ground option between a redesign and a reconfiguration. It allows your business to get the most out of your current resources. Innovative reconfigurations include changing the proximity of office work spaces. It often involves opening up more area to reduce the antiquated cubicle model by making it more spacious and open. 

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When it comes to commercial redesigns, renovations, and reconfigurations in Orange County, our expertise at AO Contractors goes far beyond design and functionality. We are highly experienced in California Title 24 and ADA compliance, LEED certifications, and building codes throughout Southern California

With over four decades of collective experience in commercial construction, Alpha Omega Contractors is your go-to commercial construction company in Southern California. Our AO team helps bring your commercial redesign, renovation, & reconfiguration projects to life with locations in both the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. 

Our experienced team of commercial contractors, designers, and design-build experts will collaborate with you from the initial stages of pre-construction through to putting the finishing touches on your next commercial project on time and within budget. For more information, contact us by filling out this form or calling us at (714) 616-0417.

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