Benefits of Using Design Metals in Your Commercial Building

Design metals

When deciding on what materials to use for your next commercial building, and weighing the benefits of different materials to help exact your specific project, AO Contractors reviews the benefits of using design metals in your commercial building. 

In the commercial construction industry, metal is a customary design element for commercial buildings. Metal not only helps with structure, but design metal also has aesthetic benefits, adding dimension and texture throughout your space, whether you’re seeking an industrial, modern, traditional, or eclectic look, you’ll recognize that across the design spectrum, design metals are a perfect choice.

Design Metal is Easy to Manipulate & Provides Longevity

Design metals are versatile and durable in many applications, and typically more cost-efficient than wood and other materials. 

The ability to adjust its shape provides excellent results for complex customizations. The materials’ elaborate capabilities are especially appreciated when one is looking for unique styles in or around a building.

Creating clean, sleek lines has become essential for modern design. Design metal is popular because of the material’s ability to manipulate natural light to create open, airy spaces.

Material longevity is something to keep in mind when using metal. It provides incomparable strength and durability, making it a more effective material to use. Unlike other materials, it won’t have to be replaced or maintained. 

Advantages of Metal Buildings

Often appearing behind the scenes, design metals provide sharp accent looks throughout a commercial building. As commercial contractors, we use a mix of metals for commercial interiors, including nickel, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel, brass, and copper.

A material that was once used mostly for roofing and siding has evolved immensely over time. From seamless constructed lines to full eye-catching accent walls, staircases, doors, balconies, window frames, design metals have seemingly endless uses and have heavily impacted the standard for commercial construction. 

At AO Contractors, we’re experts at commercial interior improvements, renovations, and remodels. Check out our portfolio and see what we can do for your next commercial project.

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