Adding an Outdoor Space to Your Commercial Building

For the past few years, we have seen many design trends revolving around nature in the workplace. From incorporating materials such as wood and stone to adding in greenery, architects and designers have connected with bringing the outdoors inside. 

Now, a new design trend is popping up: Companies are inviting their employees and guests to step outside of building walls to enjoy the real thing. We’ve gathered a few tips on how you can create an enticing outdoor space at your commercial building property. 

Design Your Outdoor Space to be Usable

Your outdoor space at your commercial building should be functional for your guests and tenants. Think about how you can create an enticing space where people want to spend time. If you own an office building, you may want to create a space where companies can hold an outdoor meeting, get their office work done, and meet with clients. 

Whether you own an office building or are in the retail sector, the desire for outdoor electricity is growing with our digital world. Add in some pergolas for shade and plenty of seating, and you have a spot where people can enjoy being outdoors with all the amenities they find indoors. 

Add Enhancements to the Outside of Your Commercial Building 

If you are in an urban space with fewer options when it comes to space, just look to your rooftop or balcony. Reimagining these spaces and furnishing them with outlets, comfortable seating, and a wifi connection can help entice people to get outside. 

If your commercial property has a preexisting green space, building a patio could be a great option. Wherever your commercial property is located, don’t forget to think about how to incorporate shade, water features, plants, and privacy for a successful outdoor experience. 

Don’t Forget About the Fun 

Commercial properties are also seeing a big trend towards adding recreation space, especially on corporate campuses or in retail. From adding in a volleyball court to an outdoor garden, these areas can entice those who want to be active or socialize. 

As we see more commercial buildings pop up, developers are incorporating outdoor spaces and finding creative ways to include them in urban cities. An outdoor space adds value to your property, and while you can’t charge per square foot for terraces or usable roofs, you can secure a higher overall rent. 

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