4 Ways Drones are Changing the Construction Industry

Drones are increasingly becoming an important tool in many industries. One of the first most memorable mainstream use of drones most of us can recall began in the sports industry, capturing all the action. Drones provide spectacular angles, close-ups, and birds-eye views, while adding depth and dimension that were impossible for cameras to access before.

In the construction industry, new technology, software, and tools are continuously being implemented.

At Alpha Omega Contractors, we’re excited about the rise of drone use in our industry. Here are four ways drones are changing the construction industry and why it’s important for business and commercial property owners to know.

1. Surveying Land and Mapping

Drones are replacing traditional land surveying methods in the construction industry at a rapid pace, reducing time and labor costs as well as human error. This technology has the ability to survey vast areas of land using 360-degree panoramic imagery in merely 15-20 minutes, saving up to 20 times the amount of topographical mapping.

2. Project Management

From the beginning stages through the end of a construction project, drones capture images and provide aerial mapping safely, accurately, and efficiently, while documenting construction site progress. Drones monitor site construction, 24/7, while providing data in real time, capturing high-resolution images that can be made into 3D models. This allows project managers to readily view if changes are needed to their commercial real estate project, saving valuable time and money.

3. Data Collection

Drones combined with AI-driven software allows powerful system processing and data collection. “Drones are equipped with multiple features to help capture key data on building sites, including cameras, GPS units, thermal sensors, and infrared sensors. The information they collect can be sent to a computer via drone software, allowing users to analyze, interpret and organize collected data,” according to Bigrentz, Inc.

4. Remote Monitoring and Improved Security

Aerial drone maps aid in keeping workers out of potentially dangerous situations and ensure safety practices are adhered to on construction sites. In addition, conditions and equipment for construction projects benefit from drone monitoring and improved security around the clock. This includes the ability to detect intruders.

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