4 Commercial Renovation Trends in a Post Pandemic World

As companies are opening their doors to their employees and clients once again, it’s no secret that the pandemic has changed how they operate and move around their workspace. This year, we have seen commercial renovation trends taking a new direction to reflect this new normal. 

Are you looking to upgrade your business space to create a safer environment? We’ve gathered four commercial renovation trends to inspire your next project. 

Incorporating Touchless Technology 

Over the past couple of years, many businesses have incorporated touchless features in their bathrooms to create a cleaner environment. Now, this technology has been gaining traction in other sections of the building—including doors, elevators, and even coffee makers. 

While this might sound expensive to implement into your commercial renovation, the demand for this type of technology has increased dramatically in recent years. Creating touchless experiences reduces the amount of maintenance required in your building. In a world where proper cleaning and essential safety measures are essential, maintenance needs to be handled in an efficient way. Overall, touchless technology is a preventative safety measure and improves your business operation. 

Adding Collaborative Spaces in Your Commercial Renovation 

This trend of creating a collaborative space has followed us over the last several in an effort to increase company connection and culture. In fact, CNBC predicted that office centers will soon turn into “elaborate conference centers.” This means that instead of a traditional layout, tenants will be looking for more conference rooms and collaborative spaces. 

One way to create this space while also maintaining individual workstations is to remove cubicles and scatter “privacy booths” around the perimeter of the public workspace. 

HVAC Investments

Fresh air is essential for improving indoor air quality and maintaining a healthy environment for everyone in the building. Now more than ever, companies are aware of air circulation and filtration, and this translates to what they expect from their office buildings. Many property owners are already evaluating HVAC upgrades that promote health and wellness among their buildings’ occupants. 

Safer Materials

Commercial renovations this year are moving towards incorporating materials that inherently eliminate germs in high-traffic areas prone to exposure. Viruses can survive up to three days on plastic or stainless-steel surfaces. On materials like copper, brass, or bronze, their lifespan is four hours. Cork is another material that has antibacterial properties. 

Incorporating hard flooring rather than carpeting, antibacterial materials, seamless surfaces, and limited furniture can provide a safer environment. This sense of simple design also promotes a new aesthetic of cleanliness. 

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  • I never took into account the fact that this year, commercial renovations are increasingly employing materials that naturally eradicate germs in high-traffic areas prone to contamination. I remember when I was a college student I was proudly answering the question but now I realize it was different. Thank you for helping me understand the right information about the commercial contractor.

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