3 Quick Tenant Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Space

Increasing the value of your property can sometimes be as simple as adding subtle upgrades. Oftentimes, these improvements can save you from flipping and gutting the entire space and can help future tenants feel more drawn to your commercial property. 

The term tenant improvement can be defined as any construction project designed to increase the usability of a commercial space for various companies. These improvements are not typically structural and tend to be on the inside of the building. Tenant improvement projects can include work on ceilings, floor coverings, partitions, and even on the air conditioning. 

We’ve gathered a few tenant improvement project ideas to help elevate your space and increase the value of your property without spending months in the construction process.

Freshen Up Your Finishes

Finishes play an important role in a commercial space; often, they are small details that customers and passers-by notice immediately. Finishings can say a lot about a building, and may indicate age and the quality of construction. 

To improve your space, consider refinishing original hardwood floors, changing out the windows, or replacing damaged drywall. You can even level out an odd counter, reinforce your staircase, or update a small detail like electrical socket coverings. The effort you put into freshening up your finishes will provide a better experience for the tenant and improve the value of your investment. 

Update Your Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the look and feel of your commercial space. Updating light fixtures to a postmodern design or utilizing eco-minded bulbs to increase efficiency can help make the best use out of artificial light. It is also important to consider how natural light is illuminating the space and if windows need to be added to further improve the property. 

For darker spaces in your commercial property, pot lights, wall accent lighting, and spotlights can help bring attention and improve the ambiance. These types of light fixtures also work well if you are attempting to illuminate an interesting texture, a piece of art, or even a menu board. 

Renovate Common Areas

Renovating kitchens, bathrooms, and other common spaces on your commercial property can increase both energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

Modern-day appliances and fixtures use less power and water. Updating these features will ultimately save you money and increase the value of your property. Remember to think about how further updating the floors, walls, and ceilings can enhance the design, and how it plays a role in the overall look and feel of these common spaces. 

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