3 Office Spaces for Your Hybrid Workforce

When beginning the search for an office space that is the best for your company, it is important to consider your established work schedule. If you are a part of the common hybrid workforce, it is important to evaluate what type of office environment accommodates employees, as they may be more used to their at-home work setup. The first step when choosing an office space is to determine your real estate budget as this can impact the location, building age, amenities offered, and building class.

Office spaces for lease come in all shapes and sizes, offering different amenities. Taking into consideration what you’re looking for, AO Contractors cater to your needs and desires to help you achieve the most fitting setup. 

Traditional office space

What is the nature of your business? Your office space should accommodate your employees’ needs, so they can comfortably work toward your organization’s long-term goals. Do your employees need a place to relax during lunch breaks or a private room to take meetings away from the group? Traditional office spaces provide employees with a quiet and private area to work. They also allow for teams to collaborate in a shared space. When creating a comfortable and efficient office space, AO Contractors work closely with clients to determine their needs from beginning to end. 

Creative office space

When choosing a space, it is important to have a firm grasp of your company culture. If you have a fun and dynamic culture with Happy Hour Fridays and an open pet policy, then a creative office space may be the best fit for your company. This type of office space is highly focused on collaboration and tends to be more space-efficient on both a functional and symbolic level. There are fewer barriers between departments and desks, which can offer more transparency, communication and collaboration between employees, managers, and leadership. This can be a great fit for your hybrid employees as it allows them to engage in more social time they might be deprived of while working from home. If you are looking for a creative space with assets that add value to your work environment, our team of craftsmen find the best ways to make your space unique and custom to you. ​​

Shared and coworking office spaces

Shared office spaces offer portions of the building to be leased to other companies. This option can be ideal for your hybrid company as it reduces the cost of renting an entire office space. Shared office spaces also allow you to meet people from other niches and help you develop partnerships and business relationships. This option provides benefits to both parties, such as socialization and recouping overhead costs for the tenant, reduced rent, and more flexible lease terms for the subtenant. 

Ready to find the perfect office space for your company? At AO Contractors, we specialize in building office spaces of all types and classes. Our team is here to help bring your vision to life and create your dream office. Get in touch with the Alpha Omega Contractors team today.

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